Orienteering Club

On Monday afternoons after school ends Mrs Harrison takes orienteering club from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. It is for classes 4-7 it is a great way for the children to get fit and more healthy. We either do 3 courses or 1 course.  At the last club we did 3 courses, 2 timed ones and one just for fun.

The timed course had 3 different levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. There were 10 numbers in all the courses you had to get as many numbers done in the fastest time you could. There was a tie for 1st place between Ruaraidh Macdonald and Bronagh Newman. In orienteering club we start 20 seconds after the  person in front so when you finish you take off your starting time. Today is the last orienteering class before the holiday.

We have all enjoyed it!


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