My New Endeavour Project

Hi my name is Natalie and I am doing an Endeavour project, and I thought I would share it with the world. Endeavour is an independent project where you choose your own project and learn about it for eight months and in June we have a big fair and share our learning with friends and family. For my Endeavour I chose “Walks Around Islay.” I chose this project because there are ALOT of places on Islay I have never been, and I would like to find out some information/ history about Islay. So every so often I will share some information and history about place I have been on Islay.

The people that are able to help me are my family,  Walk Islay and mainly people that would like to go for a walk or another place that they have been before or a new place.

I planed my project with my mum and we had a wee chat about something she would be able to help me with and we could go places together in the holidays.

At the end of my project I will have an Explorers Book, A Collage of photos and maybe a book of information.

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