Eco minutes 23.10.14

1. Oliver opened the meeting.

2.All there except Jasmine.

3. Progress –  Mirren  is making posters for the class with the ECO code on it, we got reports from the classes

4. Action Plan –

Litter – We will be getting new litter police from each class and they will only be it for the week then it will change.

We will be getting a new sign at the pitch about eco matters- Rebecca and Ciara

We might be starting a fair trade tuck – Anwen and Eva will look at it.

5. we made a list of Jobs for assessment.

Pond plan for future



6. Who needs to do things

Mrs Harrison – order recycling bins

Organise litter police

Anwen – prices

Prepare for eco assembly

7. Next Meeting – 6.11.14

By Annie

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