Mull Theatre Visit

Lee from the Mull theatre group came to a workshop for P6/7.  We made a map for their play Scot-a-land  we also made artifacts that will go in the pretend  museum.  We made models of black houses , a beautiful crown ,ancient Greek writing ,clay pots and a dinosaur model that all went on the island.  The Island was made by everyone passing a crayon along and doing squiggly lines. The map had roads, castles, moths,black houses and much more.  It all came together and made a great map.  It was a good morning.

100 Word Challenge

Primary 6&7 have been taking part in the 100 word challenge, a blog which provides an idea for a story each week that must be written in 100 words or less.  This week the story had to contain the words GREEN TINY PIANO EXPLODED SORRY.  Read our stories and see what you think.

The Teacher That Exploded

One day in school our math teacher exploded and we were delighted that our teacher exloded because we can play the green drums and the tiny flute.  We were sorry that we never brought in the tiny giraffe and we got a new maths teacher who was a rabbit and he can play the piano and nobody likes him because he has been bully.  Every day of maths is a nightmare just knowing you are  in the same room as the new bully. Why did our teacher explode why!!!!!!!!!

by James

My First Piano


It was night when I was thinking about my new green piano. I was so excited about
getting it so I went to bed because it was going to arrive in the morning. It
is day now so I bolted down the stairs and there it was, my new piano! The box was tiny but as long as it was a piano.
I ripped the box open and took it out it was so exiting I’ve always wanted a
piano. I exploded in happiness as I  started playing the piano. Then my mum woke up and started shouting at me so I said sorry




The Piano Playing Ailen

I was sleeping when there was a CRASH!  There were lights flashing from my window.  I sprawled out of  bed and went to the window, and I peeked out.  I saw an amazing thing, a real live spaceship!  I ran outside,  then slowed down. Somthing was wrong. The spaceship was tiny!   I bashed down the door. I looked inside. There it was, a green ailen playing the piano. I asked why and he said ” I’m about to explode, I’m dieing! I’m sorry for the noise, aliens have exploded before, now I’m about to, so please run away!”   There was a boom! He had disappeared!

The Exploded Cooker

One day I was practising my piano in the living room when…I heard a large BANG! It was the cooker. It had exploded in the kitchen, then I suddenly felt sad and upset,so I went back into the living room.   I went to read a small, tiny book called the amazing, large gargoyl.   It was interesting with lots of description. Then I went out to the garden, it had the most beautiful green grass in the world. Then my friend came over and said sorry for what he had done yesterday, which was that he hurt me but I knew he didn’t mean it.


In the town of Blobville there was a boy called Tom.  He was very quite and really TINY.  He had no friends because he was the only kid in the town.  One day there was a big bomb that EXPLODED in the heart of the city and it was a stink bomb and it was so smelly that it felt like thousands of sKunks had taken over the city and their lair was in the in city.  There was GREEN goo all over the walls there was pieces of PIANO all over the floor.  Then Tom came from behind and said SORRY.

By Ewan

The Maklou Bird.

 It was a cold winter night.  I  was reading my book about tiny birds when I heard a terrific squawking coming from the piano room. I frowned. Trevor my budgie had died years ago when I was  7 so what was making that awful noise?  I felt very sorry for it. I  decided to see what was going on. Standing on the  concert piano was an exquisite peacock green bird with a  rounded beak  like that of a toucan. Scientists had believed it to be it extinct. It was called the Maklou bird and the rest of it’s kind had exploded

The Exploding Giraffe

I was just about to go to the zoo with my mum, hoping to see the giraffes. I thought that I should just play my piano. We squeezed into our tiny car and drove away. We then arrived at the zoo and I was jumping around with joy. We saw all the animals that were there. But then the moment I was waiting for, I was going to see the giraffes. Then when I saw them they looked green. I fed them some food to see if it would be better but then they exploded.  A man screamed at me then I replied “Sorry.”

The Unlucky Piano

The man walked slowly into the tiny dark room with a strange green color on the walls. In the middle of the room sat a grand piano. The rather inquisitive man shuffle forwards to the piano. A red light started glowing, and a siren went off. The man had tripped a tripwire. Suddenly a missile crashed through the roof, and the piano exploded in a millisecond. The man flew backwards though the air- all he could say was ‘SORRY PIANO !’  As a splinter of wood from the piano was catapulted into the man’s chest he instantly died, and blood and guts were scattered across the room.

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