On the 23th of October Port Ellen Pimary School had a beach clean the whole school was there. There was a pick up truck and there was a man from Rejig called Dave Protherough. We cleaned the whole beach. I had a great time and I think the other boys and girls had a good time too.

by Ewan


The Scot-a-land play was on 23rd of October nearly all of our school went, it was really good there was a man and a lady and it was all about Scota’s crown and how it broke. It took about and 1 hour and 30 minutes. I really enjoyed it,  they pretended to be other people like there was a police officer and wee Johnny. People enjoyed it as well.


On Sunday 14th October the Port Ellen Primary Gaelic Choir were at the pier at 9:15 am getting ready to go on the ferry. Then we got on the ferry and had our lunch.
After that we got on the bus. I was having so much fun. I was sitting next to Abbie and we were playing games and listening to music. Time was flying by.
When we got to Hunters Quay it was nearly time to go swimming , so we went to our lodges and came back to the swimming pool and had lots of fun.
We had dinner and it was delicious. Then we went to practise for the next day because the competition was on. We finished and it was getting late so we had to go to Lorna’s lodge and get our packed lunches.
We took 30mins to find our lodge. I was tired. So I had some juice and went to bed.
The next day I was excited when we were having breakfast.
Before we went to the competitions we went to the soft play. The other people that were doing a solo or poem went to their competition.
Then in the afternoon the choir went to our competitions and we won. We were on TV and we were great. After that we got some chips and went on the bus.
The next day we all went to the soft play and we had so much fun. Then we went shopping and I bought lots of stuff. We had lunch and went back to the shops. Then we got back on the bus and went to the ferry. This time we got a trolley to put our luggage on.
On the ferry we had dinner and we had lots of fun. We sang with Bowmore Choir and we got piped of the ferry by Abbie’s dad. I was glad to be home.
The mod was fantastic. I am going to stay in the choir and go to Paisley next year.
By Annie

The Man that Forgot

One sunny day in Iceland a man was taking his dog for a walk. When with out warning THE TEMPERATURE DROPPED SUDDENLY AND the man gave out a weak squeal. The sky went black, lights glinted in the darkness. Lights flashed on and windows illumined with light. The man sat in a corner shivering beneath a lamppost. A torch light appeared in gloom. The shadow came into view. Then a voice spoke, “Why are you out here without a torch and warm clothes, didn’t you know this is the day it goes dark for six mouths? Now lets get you inside.”


One  day I was playing at the beach with my cousin and my brother because it was very sunny.  Then I felt the tips of my fingers starting to freeze and suddenly the temperature dropped and everything went dark and cold.  So I went up to my tent and I was looking out the door trying to find the the sun. It was nowhere to be seen and I started to get worried and then it went all bright again and then I realised it was just the clouds covering the sun so I went back out to play.

The Death of the Hobo’s Fire

There was a hobo called Jacob who only had only a cardboard box to sleep in and a fire to keep him warm.  He searches in bins looking for food and has an empty tin of beans looking for money from passing pedestrians.  Then one night he was lying in his cardboard box with his fire blazing away but then the temperature dropped suddenly and then he looks over to see a fire engine putting it out.  Jacob went over to the fireman and asked him why he put the fire out but he didn’t reply.  And that was the death of the hobo’s fire.

Bob The Penguin And The Adventures Of The Frozen South Pole

Bob was  walking home from catching some fish in the south seas,he was about a mile away from home and   then the temperature dropped suddenly and before he knew it there was a blizzard following him. The temperature dropped a hole 21 degrees which was far to cold for Bob,he kept on plowing through the snow until he was standing on the coldest bit of ice he had ever stood on he broke through the ice and he found lots and lots of freezers and that is how he saved the day.


It was a normal Monday winters day and i went out to call on my friend Albert. But it wasn’t a normal winters day. It was really hot. When i reached his house he was at his door.”I was just coming for you” said Albert.”Now you don’t need to” replied Jim. Then we went to play football. At that point it was still really hot. It was half an hour later and they were still playing football. Just at that point the temperature dropped suddenly and it started to pour down with snow. Then we went and played the Xbox all day.

On The Beach

Once was a little girl who went down to the beach it was a scorching hot day! She was making a sand castle when the temperature dropped suddenly and she looked up in devestaion to find that a giant cloud was covering the sun. Rosie was so cold that she ran in to the water to warm up but the water was even more cold that she screamed! She was swimming out when suddenly something bit her but it was only a crab so she went to get a plaster when the sun came out so she went to finish her sand castle.

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