My Awsome Grand Parents

I think my grand parents are ninjas because they watch ninja turtels that means they can do back flips and the splits if you se my grandparents get ready to run because they got a mopility scooter and there  cool rinkills and there scabby toe nails they are awsome. who wouldnt want to have my grandparents and they have a pistiol in there nickers like the Roald Dahl verison of Red Riding hood and they were fat in there day they were fater than Andre The Giant and  they had to house because they coudint fit in the house and thats the story of my Grand parents.

Honestly Grandparents!!!

Grandparents are important because they spoil me with sweets and cakes unlike my parents. My parents ALWAYS EMBARRASS ME no matter where I am, I could be siting in the park with ice cream and my mum would come along and say something like “Oh dear, you better take your medicine for your bad breath accident.” I would get bullied at school for my mum saying things like that. Although one day at school I was in science when there was a  bang, in among the smoke was my grandma, she was collecting me to go to the dentist.

Grand Parents Are Awesome

Grand parents are important because they are super ninjas. They can also get you off school very easily they are awesome. But mine can fly not many can fly mine is special. I sometimes tell them to blow up things and they do it with their super powers. They live in a floating house over Islay that is why they need to be able to fly so they can get home to their house in the sky.

100 Word Challenge

Grandparents are important because they can ride on tiny scooters and eat ice cream they are the best. I always thought that grandparents were un cool a lot of people think there grandparent are cool but i think they are important i really do. sometimes i go to the park and hey follow me they always take their bikes and helmets. i quite enjoy the company and i enjoy my peace and quiet, everything i do they come in an say what you doing sweetie and i say nothing granny but i like them they are my grandparents,


My grandparent’s are ninjas only because my mum said grand parent’s are important because they are ninjas. This Sunday I’m going to see granddad and grandma because it is my 11th birthday.  I walked in side there was about 1 or 2 cakes sitting on a few plates. I walked into the living room and they were in their ninja suits doing exercises like stretches and balancing on their head.   When they found out I was there they jumped  up and shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.  They gave me the fright of my life and I fell over or maybe it was an explosion.

Supernatural Grandparents!!!!

Grandparents are important because they have supernatural powers and can easily blow up anything they want, including you .  So watch out.  They can shoot lasers through you; throw you all the way to space  and brain wash you.  They even brained washed Timmy Addison to eat brussel sprouts!!!  They also sent Graham Berlin hurtling to space.  They shoot lasers  through the Library.  And don’t think you’re safe.  Grandparents are evil creatures. Don’t think this is fake! My granny sent me on a  trip to space.  Grandpa  on  the other hand shot lasers through me and I had to get surgery.


Grandparents are important because they are old and a family member! Everyone loves grans because they give you sweets and give you a hug. BUT…. my granny is the BEST! She gives me a ride to school on her skateboard and gives me £40 to spend on sweets! Everyone at school is jealous of me! So i went home and built a Super-granny potion! In it was: a bottle of butterflies, can of super fizz and a cat. I got on my grans skateboard and sprinkled the potion over town. Now everyone can have a granny as cool as mine!

Friday Fun Club

On Friday the 2nd of November it was Friday Fun Club and at Friday Fun Club we danced, sang, did arts and crafts and we watched a video, the video was about a blind man who was sitting on the grass, meanwhile Jesus was leading the people past the old man. The man heard the people talking about how Jesus was leading the people somewhere, so he said “Please have mercy on me!” 3 times, the people were embarrassed so they walked away, but Jesus heard his call and sent two of the people to go and bring the blind man to him, the people went and brought him to Jesus, Jesus touched the mans eyes and he could see!


On Monday it is bonfire night and I hope everyone is safe so you have to wear gloves when you have a sparkler and stay back from fire works before they go off and hope there is no midgies so you won’t get bitten and get lots of spots on your legs or face! Who is scared of fireworks? Because if you are scared you just have to face your fears. By Eleanor 🙂

Halloween at School

Lunch on Wednesday the 31st of October was so cool (and delicious) we had Eye balls (Meatballs), Spider legs (Chips), Bloody sauce (Tomato sauce), Pumpkin soup, Spooky Biscuits and Ghost Spew, I’m not sure what the Ghost spew was because I couldn’t see it. After lunch everyone got changed. At the party we played Musical statues, Corners, ducked for apples and we even went in groups and got given 2 rolls of toilet paper and wrapped people in your group like mummies,my group came joint first with James’ group (GRRR) we came joint first because we wrapped the most mummies and we wrapped them well.

By Elizabeth

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