Monday 9th November 2015


New Topic: Transport/Road Safety           Responsive Planning: Role Play area is a shop

AM boys and girls enjoyed playing in the shop, we made shopping list note pads to write down all our shopping! In drama we talked about different types of transport and pretended to move like – tractors, police cars, bikes and vans. We made play dough and used it to make cakes and bread to sell in our shop.

PM children enjoyed using fluorescent paint to make hand prints for our new Road Safety topic. We talked about wearing bright colours so we can be seen if out in the dark. We used Bee Bot to follow directions on a map – we dressed him up as a police car, ambulance, fire engine and pirate ship.

We urgently need old magazines and junk for models, thank you.

The new Newsletter is out today, lots of dates for your diary for events before Christmas. Bulletin is also out today.

Children in Need: wear bright colours – donation £1  Decorate a cake – 20p

Thursday 12th – PM session

Friday 13th – AM session