Phonics, fact families and fun in P1a!

What a busy couple of weeks in P1a. We enjoyed a lovely wee break in the middle, but have been learning lots of things…

Last week in phonics we were learning about ee and ea…this was so tricky, as there is no clear rule of when to use each one…we just need to learn them. Mrs Gordon was really impressed with how we did that. This week we had a revision week and did lots of work on remembering the digraphs that we have learnt so far…Mrs Gordon was very impressed with how much we remember…We really like this wee song which has a couple of extra digraphs that we haven’t done yet, but is really fun… especially the bit about R doing maths in the bath! Have a sing along with us!


In numeracy we have been working on the very tricky fact families, which show the links between addition and subtraction. We know that in a fact family the 3 numbers are linked. For example with 5, 3 and 2 we start with 2 addition facts : 3+2=5 and then the switcher 2+3=5, then we look at the subtraction facts (always starting with the largest number), 5-3=2 and 5-2+3. We will be continuing to work on this next week, but if you want to play a wee game at home try this…

Mrs Hocknull introduced us to some card games this week which is great for our numeracy, we were doing very well matching pairs.

In French we revised our colours and numbers to 20. Mrs Gordon cannot believe how well we are counting and pronouncing our French, c’est super!

In science with Mrs Begarnie we have been exploring light, which is very exciting…we get to close the curtains and try different things in the dark! Have a look at us exploring!

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a.