Terrific Toys, Magic ‘e’ and P6 Pals

This week we have been busy learning about toys, time and subtraction. We can’t believe we are at the end of January already!

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

In Literacy we have begun looking at magic ‘e’. We have learned that it is very powerful and makes the vowel in a word sound longer. We also found out that it can change words like cap to cape. We were amazed by this. We had fun thinking of as many ‘a-e’ words as we could. Some of us have been learning: ‘st’ and ‘sw’ this week. We enjoyed writing different ‘sw’ words on the sweets. In our writing we read a book called ‘The Toy Shop’. It was about an old man who ran his own toy shop who would say “hello” to his favourite toys when he opened the shop. We then thought of our favourite toys and when we had been to a toy shop before. We had lots to say in this discussion, it could have lasted for days! Miss Muir set us the task of writing an imaginative story about creating our own toy shop. We had lots of ideas of which toys would be in our shop and who would be in charge of it. We had to include adjectives to describe the toys in the shop and joining words to make our writing flow better. We think our toy shops would be really fun to visit. They would definitely give Smyth’s a run for their money! In our Short Read this week we watched a Toy Story trailer where we answered different questions after watching it. We then played ‘blankety, blank’ as a class where we had to fill in the missing words from what was said in the trailer.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been recalling subtraction facts between 13 and 15. Some of us have been subtracting within 100. We have been explaining the strategies we use to get to our answer in class discussions and when we are helping each other with our work. We also started learning about time this week in Maths. We learned that there are two different clocks: analogue and digital. We discussed where we see clocks in our everyday lives and why we think time is important. We then went over o’clock and looked at half past on an analogue and digital clock. This was a little tricky on an analogue clock as the little hand is between two numbers when the big hand is at 6. We enjoyed playing time board games with each other during the lesson and when we were playing.

Our new IDL topic for this term is Toys. We have done lots on this topic already from completing a class Short Read to writing our toy shop imaginative stories. We also had a class discussion on what we already knew about toys and were able to write/draw our ideas. We were asked if there was anything we would like to know about toys. We had lots of ideas for Miss Muir to write down.

Our P6 pals came to visit us this week. They were learning about electricity and had made games for us to play using batteries and wires. The games had lots of different questions for us to answer. We had so much fun playing the games and seeing our pals again.

We hope you enjoy your first weekend of February!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂