Amazing Artists (P2B)

This week we started our Scottish Focus in P2B. Every class in the school is learning about a Creative Scot and we are learning about the artist, Steven Brown. When we looked at his art work, we discussed how it made us feel and some of us realised that we had his paintings at home! We learned that he uses bright colours in his work. On Wednesday, we used bright oil pastels to create our own McCoo and McZoo pictures. Don’t they look amazing?!

In Literacy this week we learned the sounds ‘st’ and ‘sw’. We created our own sentences containing these sounds and made ‘sw’ words on our magnetic boards. Our common words this week were ‘find’ and ‘kind’. Some of us were also learning the sounds ‘sk’ and ‘sm’.

In reading, we have selected our own reading target. Some of us are using our sounds to read words, some of us are using expression when reading aloud and some of us are using our common words to help us to read. We have been working on our targets when reading aloud in class. In our Short Read lesson this week, we played a game called ‘Blankety Blank’. We listened to ‘Little Red Riding Hood’  and then we looked at a character description for the wolf. Miss Harrison had covered up some of the adjectives. If we were able to fill in the blanks with the same word as the text, we got two points. If we suggested a different word from the text but it still made sense, then we got one point. We enjoyed playing ‘Blankety Blank’!

In French we were learning to say the months of the year. We listened to a song, learned the words for each month and played a game on the Promethean board. In groups, we worked together to match the month in English to the month in French.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we learned to subtract a single digit from a teen number and twenty. We also learned to subtract a teen number from a teen number and how to subtract a single digit, bridging 10. During Number Talks, we have been explaining which subtraction strategy we have used to each other and we are using these strategies in our numeracy lessons.

In PE we explored balancing in different shapes. We had dice at each mat and when it was our turn, we rolled the dice and balanced on the number of body parts shown on the dice. To make it more challenging, Miss Harrison then gave us a bean bag and we had to form different balances whilst balancing the bean bag!

At last week’s assembly, Mrs Hocknull showed us a video called ‘Birds on a Wire’. Some of the birds weren’t displaying our school values. We discussed ways that we could display our school values in the playground. This week, Mrs Hocknull gave us a little bird each and in their tummies, we wrote ways that we could demonstrate our school values in the playground. These are going to go up in a display in our school.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx