P4A Blog Week Ending 29.11.19

P4A Blog Week Ending 29.11.19


Literacy and English

In literacy we have been learning about the different styles of letter writing including formal styles of complaint letters and wedding invitations and informal styles of postcards and thank you letters to grandparents. We have been focusing on formal letters in our Big Writing and have been writing complaint letters. We learned that letters should be addressed to Dear Sir or Madam if we do not know the person’s name and Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms or other title if we know their name but not by their first name. We also learned that letters are signed off with ‘Yours faithfully’ if we have used ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ and ‘Yours Sincerely’ if we used their name. We learned to structure the letter with our own address at the right side and where we were sending it to on the left side underneath. We structured the complaint letter with what we were complaining about, what happened and how we wanted the company to make it right again for us.

In grammar we learned that an adjective is a describing word and how to use commas in a list. For spelling this week, we were learning to spell words that start with ‘mis’ or end in ‘ier’.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning subtraction strategies of ‘counting on’ and ‘adding up’ and using these to check our answers as they are reverse operations. We also used other strategies of the column method and estimating. We used 100 squares and number lines to help us. We have been trying to use the most efficient strategy which uses the least steps to get to the answer.

Learning across the Curriculum

We learned some Spanish this week with Mr Vilanova who comes from Spain. We also learned to ask for our lunch in French.

Have a good weekend!

P4A and Ms McAlpine

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