Stick Man, Doubles and Dinosaurs in P2A

We have been very busy in P2A this week with Stick Man and practising for our Nativity. We can’t believe how fast time is flying by and that December is getting ever closer!

In Literacy we have been revising the sounds: ‘bl’, ‘cl’, ‘fl’, ‘gl’, ‘pl’ and ‘sl’ this week. We have also been learning ‘gr’ and ‘pr’. The magnetic boards have helped us sound out and blend our different words. Miss Muir even set us a challenge in pairs of how many words we could think of that had our sounds in them. We presented our boards in front of the class to show how many we had written down. We were really proud of them. In our writing we created our own Stick Man stories. First we watched a Stick Man animation and discussed what he was used for in the story. We then thought of what else Stick Man could have been used for. We came up with so many ideas from being used for a sparkler to a row for a boat. When writing our story Miss Muir challenged us to include how Stick Man would feel and use phrases from the story in our own writing. Some of us even tried to use speech marks.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been adding 10 onto single digit numbers and adding teen numbers. We have been sharing our addition strategies with each other in these class discussions. We were able to come up with many to help each other, such as using number lines and cubes. We created our own questions on whiteboards and swapped with a partner to see if they could answer them. We have also been recalling our doubles. The Hit the Button game helped us with this. We have been learning what a near double is. We enjoyed playing the near doubles bus board game to help us with our new learning and doubling space race to double even bigger numbers.

We had a special visit from Camembear this week. It has been his first time in P2A this year! Camembear had forgotten our names from P1 so we had to introduce ourselves to Camembear in French. We then revised our colours and learned some new ones by playing a matching game on the board. Miss Muir was very impressed at how well we could listen then say the word back. We had fun looking for different things in the classroom that were the colours we had been discussing and saying their colour in French. Some of us drew and some of us ticked how many things we could see.


Other highlights of the week…

We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you next week!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂