P4A Blog Week Ending 25.10.19

Hope you had a lovely holiday!

Literacy and English

In literacy we have started a book study on Aesop’s Fables. These are short stories that have a moral or a meaning. They often involve animals, such as The Hare and the Tortoise, or The Grasshopper and the Ant. This term, discussion writing will be one of our focus genres. These stories will help us to discuss what the meaning is and what we think about what happened in the fables.

In punctuation and grammar we were learning how to use speech marks. We learned that speech marks should go round all the words said including any punctuation.

For spelling this week, we were learning to spell words that we had tried to use in our writing, which we had copied onto a card to practice.

We had some ERIC time (Everyone Reading in Class) to enjoy reading of our choice.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been focusing on addition and subtraction, using number talks and various addition games. We have also been practising mental maths.

Learning across the Curriculum

In P.E. we started learning Short Tennis. We found it similar to badminton but easier with a ball than a shuttlecock. We impressed ourselves at how quickly our skills progressed as we practised counting how many times we could bounce the ball off our rackets, against the wall and to each other. Some of us are aiming to beat Andy Murray! We will be learning the rules of tennis, how to improve our skills, learning to be competitive, work well with others and give positive feedback. We already knew some technical language of tennis e.g. ‘volley’.

In health and wellbeing we have started to learn about simple nutritional needs at different stages of life. We discussed which foods were healthy and which were unhealthy and what foods were needed for various ages. We sorted food into different food groups and studied a food plate to see what proportion of each food group we should be eating.

P4A and Ms McAlpine