P4A Blog Week Ending 11.10.19

P4A Blog Week Ending 11.10.19

Literacy and English

In literacy we highlighted all the important words in a ‘short read’ passage about an alien with our partners. Then we drew a picture of our alien, just using the words that we had decided were important. This highlighted to us , that words like ‘and’ were not useful to help us to draw the alien but if we missed out words like ‘long arms’, then our alien would not look as it was supposed to. We can transfer these skills to other writing. We had some ERIC time (Everyone Reading in Class) to enjoy reading of our choice.

For big writing we were learning to write a diary from the view point of a person in India to highlight how different their climate, food, way of life and scenery is different from ours. We focused on literacy skills of using sentence starters to show time frames of our diaries, e.g. In the morning, after, next, later, in the afternoon, last night, yesterday. .

In handwriting we were practising joining to and from the letter ‘l’ using a poem from Shakespeare’s Macbeth ‘Double, Double, Toil and Trouble’ as it will soon be Hallowe’en.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects. We practised questions on Sumdog. We have also been learning through number talks. We had outdoor learning making 3D shapes with twigs and we made nets of 3D objects with straws in class. We learned mathematical language for shapes including vertices, prisms, sides and faces.

Learning across the Curriculum

We presented to the class what we had learned about India this term. The focus was how India’s climate compared to Scotland and how the climate affects how people live. We presented in a variety of ways which made the talks interesting for the audience. Throughout the talks we had quizzes, songs, artwork and lots of visual stimulus on the powerpoints. Then we gave constructive feedback on what we liked about the talks and what could have been better. There were lots of interesting facts like pollution, different animals and technical effects evident.

In PE we had our last week of badminton; we will be learning Short Tennis next term.


Well done to CC for running the Linlithgow 2K fun run!

Well done to DG for even more success in Judo!

Coming Up

October Holidays

· All break Friday, 11 October

· Pupils resume Tuesday, 22 October

Have a great holiday!

P4A and Ms McAlpine