Word building, blending and the 5 point scale in P1B

In Phonics this week we learned i and s. We have learned enough initial sounds to start word building and blending, we built words on our fingers (rainbow blending), magnetic letter boards and using our bodies (robot blending). We are working hard to form letters correctly, s is quite tricky to form the correct way round but we will keep practising!

In Maths we have been learning about the numbers 5, 6 and 7. We also learned more about 2D shapes and had a go at making and drawing a circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

In Health and Well-being this week we learned about the 5 point scale.

If you are feeling a…

1 – You are not worried and nothing is bothering you.

2 – Something is bothering you a little bit.

3 – Something is making you feel nervous.

4 – Something is making you feel really upset.

5 – Something is making you lose control!

Most of the time we will be a 1. However, everybody feels worried sometimes! We talked about what makes us worried and what we can do to make ourselves feel a 1 again. Strategies such as taking deep breaths, thinking about our favourite things or cuddling a soft toy can help us to get back to a 1.

We are going to use the 5 point scale in our classroom and move our picture according to how we feel. This will help us to understand our feelings.

There will be no homework or reading books next week due to the short week. In class we will be revising the sounds and numbers we’ve learned so far.

Reminder that it is our P1 Curriculum Evening on Wednesday 18th September at 6pm.

Enjoy the long weekend,

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x