P1B – Week ending 21st June

In Literacy this week we have continued to work on our diary writing skills and tricky word spelling.  We worked on our listening and talking skills too, sharing what we had done at The Marches and talking about what we were looking forward to on Gala Day.  It’s fair to say we are excited about Gala Day!

In Numeracy we continued our learning on writing our numbers up to 20 in words.  We have also continued to practise counting up and down in 2s and progressed to counting up and down in 3s.  In Maths we completed our Data Handling lessons, learning about a new way to sort information using Carroll Diagrams.  You can see an example of these by following this link –http://resources.hwb.wales.gov.uk/VTC/carroll_diagrams/eng/introduct/default.htm.

We met our P2 buddies this week and had great fun playing with them with the outdoors toys in the playground.

We enjoyed our final session with our specialist from the National Youth Choir of Scotland.  We continued to work on keeping the beat and using our listening skills to identify where sounds were coming from.  We also had fun again playing parachute games.

On Thursday we visited our new P2 classroom and met Miss Harrison.  We heard a story about a cautious caterpillar and drew a picture of our favourite part of the story.  We really enjoyed spending time with Miss Harrison and chatting to her about P2.

Have a lovely weekend.  Only 1 week left!

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B