Super singing, STEM week

On Monday we started our STEM challenge. The first challenge was to make a paper plane that could glide for 2m. Next we had to make it through the target and further than 4m. Then we had to add cargo, whilst still making it glide through the target and at least 4m.

On Thursday we wrote instructions on how to make the planes and today we swapped books and tried to follow these. Most of us forgot to include detailed steps which made it harder to build, however everyone did succeed in making a plane that would glide. LS managed to build a plane with 17 coins, it glided the 4m and went through the target. NW had 16 coins on her plane and managed to glide it through the target for an astonishing 10m- that is quite a distance! We all enjoyed the STEM week and learnt new skills on how to use thrust, weight distribution, designing, folding and writing instructions.

On Wednesday Generation Science visited our school, we programmed robots to complete the challenges on the cards. It was very good fun πŸ™‚

On Thursday we went to the museum for our final performance of “In Linlithgow”, lots of relatives came to watch us and Mrs Newton has shared the performance on Class Dojo. Everyone said we were amazing, we worked very hard on the project and are looking forward to getting our CD’s from Caro next week.

Next week we have our Cross Country Festival on Wednesday, then we are going to start looking at healthy eating, portion sizes and food groups.

Please remember that there is no school on Monday and Tuesday (YEAH). Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton πŸ™‚