P3B Outdoor Fun!

We started the week finishing off our social studies history trail.  We have been learning about the development of cameras throughout different periods in history.  As part of the project we worked in pairs to create a powerpoint presentation to present to children in P3A.  Each week we added a slide showing our new learning, building up to a complete presentation. P3A have been doing a similar project although they studied computers.  On Monday we shared our work with p3A. During the presentations, Mrs Kennedy and Miss Harrison were able to listen in  and observe each group to assess their learning and understanding.  We were very impressed.  The powerpoints were very professional, the content was good and the children were great at both presenting and listening to each other’s presentations.

On Tuesday we spent most of the day outdoors.  We had an outdoor learning trip in the morning.  We walked to Linlithgow Loch where we were met by two West Lothian rangers.  They taught us about animals that are found in our local environment.  One of the rangers, Hannah, set up an animal hunt where we had to find a toy animal hidden in the trees.  Each time we found one, Hannah told us a lot of information about it.  We learned about: Squirrels, Badgers, Bats, Spiders, Rabbits, Foxes and Otters.

The other ranger was called Tracy, she played a game with us where we had had to find three cards representing food, shelter and water – all the things animals need to survive.  She then sent in ‘predators’ to catch us as we were trying to find the cards we needed.  We then did an animal footprint activity.  We were given an information sheet with a picture and some details about each animal, we had to find the footprint cards hung on trees and match the footprints to the correct animal – this was not as easy as it sounds!

We really enjoyed this outdoor session and were very lucky with the weather.  It helped us to enjoy what we have just on our doorstep.

On Tuesday afternoon we had a visit to the park as our treat for collecting ‘springs’ for our houses.  We went with P3A and everyone had a great time 🙂

On Wednesday this week we drew some spring flowers and painted them using watercolours.  We were looking closely at shape and colour, trying to make our work as accurate as possible to what we could see.  To get the correct colours we used mixing palettes.  This was a nice opportunity just to practise drawing and painting, the work wasn’t for display and we could try as many times as we liked.

We enjoyed our walk to St Michael’s this morning, again the weather was very kind to us. We took part in a lovely Easter Service. A big thank you to our parent helpers.

Well done P3 for continuing to work incredibly hard right up to the end of a very long term.  I hope everyone has a good break and I’m looking forward to all that we will do in the summer term.

Thanks for reading our blog, P3B and Mrs Kennedy