P1a’s Transport Design Challenge

This week we pulled together all our transport learning to create an end of topic design challenge. We talked about transport methods from the past the present and the future. We then picked our own groups for the transport challenge…

We had to plan, design and then make a model of a futuristic mode of transport. The final goal was to present our models and ideas to the class.

Collaboration, cooperation and compromise were key skills in our group task. We all had to be involved and we all had to agree on one model. We then drew our plan/design, coloured it and labelled key features.

The next stage was making the models. We had to cut and paint the parts, then glue them together. Some designs were trickier than others (especially the hot air balloon!).

The final stage was presenting to the class. Mrs Gordon could not believe how confidently we spoke about our models, and the way we answered any questions. Here are the final models.

Happy holidays from Mrs Gordon and P1a