Outdoor Learning in P3A

In Numeracy and Mathematics we revised using a written method to subtract 2-digit numbers. Some of us also used addition and subtraction strategies to solve word problems. This week we also revised using coins to pay for items and give change. Some of us were also learning to use notes to make money totals and to give change from £10. Next term we will be learning about multiplication and division, fractions, measure and information handling.

In Literacy we continued to learn about how to use adjectives. With a partner, we looked at different pictures and wrote down adjectives to describe them. Next we looked at using adjectives to make sentences more interesting. Finally, we used the laptops to sign in to Education City and Miss Harrison added some adjectives games on to our My Cities.

This week we shared our presentations about how computers have developed and changed over time with P3B. We were confident with sharing our learning and we learned about how cameras have developed over time from P3B.

This week we continued to learn ways to keep safe and secure online. At the start of our lesson, we worked in groups to draw or write about what we already knew about online gaming. Afterwards, we watched a video about playing games. We explored examples of personal information and learned how important it is not to share this. At the end of our lesson, we discussed the difference between a secret and a surprise and we identified adults that can help us if we ever have a problem online.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a special visitor in P3A. KM’s grandad came in to talk to us about the building trade. He brought in lots of props and he talked to us about all the stages and equipment involved in building a house. We have been learning about materials with Mrs Begarnie so it was fantastic to learn about these in a real life context. Thank you to Rab for coming in to visit us!

On Tuesday afternoon, we went with P3B to Dovecot Park as part of our House Points/Springs rewards system. We had a lovely time playing at the park.

On Tuesday morning we went to Linlithgow Loch for some outdoor learning. We learned what animals need to survive and we played a water, food and shelter game. Afterwards, we completed a tracks and trails challenge. We followed a trail of footprints and we used pictures and clues to match them to the correct animal. Finally, we learned about red squirrels, otters, spiders, badgers, wild rabbits, bats, tawny owls and red foxes. We enjoyed learning outside and Miss Harrison was pleased with our behaviour.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that everyone has a happy and safe Easter break.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx