Primary 5 – w/e 5/4/19

This week we uncovered our mummified apples and tomatoes. The liquid from the fruits had been absorbed by the salt mixture. Have a look at the photo and see what happened.

This week we have heard our Class Talks. Everyone did an excellent job of researching their topic and presented these to the class.

We completed a series of maths activities and discovered who had destroyed the Easter Bunny Costume.

We have spent some time evaluating stories and instructional writing this week and discovering what we missed out. These missing parts will become our writing targets in Term 4.

In Science we completed an egg drop challenge. Well done to Scott and Daniel on their successful egg drop.

In music we played a game of rhythms and pulse and the hot cross bun game. Ask us to explain how this works.

Take a look at our Canopic Jars too – we are really proud of how great these look!!

Have an amazing break.

Kind regards

Primary 5 and Mrs Kerr