P7b weekly blog

Literacy:  We continue to develop our reading and comprehension skills, focusing on skimming and scanning of a text. This week we read the story of Lily Ebert and her golden pendent, her story was very unique as she  and her pendent both survived the Holocaust. After reading her story, we identified the different Parts of Speech that were used in the text. We then used our reading and comprehension strategies to show our understanding of the text, by answering some questions.  Over the last few weeks we have had an insight into how life was like during WWII, we were particularly surprised with how little food rationing you would have received. We watched a short clip about one particular lady that took an interest in eating foods that would have been available during the war. Her story inspired us to do a little more research and try to take a modern or create a wartime recipe and adapt it to only using the foods that were available during the war.  We found this particularly tricky and at the same time really appreciated the variety of food choices we have available to us now. Writing the wartime recipe has helped to develop and extend our instructional writing skills.

Numeracy and Maths : This week we have been continuing with data handling, as well as reading and drawing bar, line and pie graphs. We have been learning mathematical terminology, such as dependent and independent variables, trend, peak, trough, mean, mode and range  – please ask us to explain any of the new terminology that we have learnt and ask us to show you our understanding. Using ICT this week, we researched data of our interest and displayed our research on a line graph, bar graph or pie chart using Microsoft Word.

1+2: During Spanish this week, we recapped on our greetings and introducing ourselves. We are getting particularly good with our counting and we can now count from 1-30 in Spanish and we impressed Mrs. Matos by counting backwards from 10! We learnt this week the days of the week and the months of the year. Using what we have learnt, we practiced asking and replying in Spanish when is our birthday – ask us at home what we have learnt, it will help us to practice and you would learn some Spanish too.

 PE: During PE this week, we practiced our dodgeball and football skills and played a few competitive games against each other.

Science: We continuing to work on our buggies this week, and we have impressed Mrs. Matos and Mrs. Tulloch with our handwork and determination to get our buggies to move and to go up a ramp.

P7B and Mrs. Matos