World Book Day in P3A

In Numeracy and Mathematics this week, we have been learning to subtract a single digit bridging 20 and to subtract a single digit bridging a multiple of 10. For example, when we have been solving subtraction sums such as 72-4, we have started at 72 and then counted back 4. We have also been subtracting 2 to get to 70 and then another 2 to get to our answer. Some of us have also been learning to use a written method to subtract 2-digit numbers and some of us have been subtracting multiples of 10 from 3-digit numbers, with bridging.

This week we were also learning to use coins to give change. First we had to work out how much change to give by using our subtraction skills and then we listed the coins to make the change. Some of us were also learning to make different money amounts using all coins.

On Tuesday, we continued to learn about how computers have developed. We revised what we already knew about how computers have changed over time and then we watched a video about the introduction of the World Wide Web. We looked at when personal computers became popular in the household and then we worked in our groups to make our presentations on the development of computers.

In Art & Design this week we became Fairtrade chocolate wrapper designers! We looked at the story of chocolate and watched a video about Tayna’s visit to the Dominican Republic. We learned that Fairtrade farmers get a fair price for their cocoa beans and that Fairtrade makes a difference and makes things better for the farmers. Afterwards, we looked at examples of Fairtrade chocolate bars and then we designed our own Fairtrade chocolate wrappers. On Thursday, we went to the P6 Fairtrade Bake Sale.

On Thursday, it was World Book Day. We designed book covers, created our own bookmarks and some of us even started writing our own books at free play!  We also became illustrators for the day! We participated in a draw-along with Chris Riddell and then we watched a video on how to draw Mr Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake. We definitely have lots of budding illustrators in P3A. In the afternoon, we read stories to our friends in Primary One.

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we also created our own aliens! We read a chapter from our class novel ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’. In the chapter, ‘Something Nasty in the Lifts’, Charlie and his family, and Mr Wonka, meet some aliens! We looked at the text and highlighted the descriptive language. It helped us to create a picture of the alien. In pairs, we created our own aliens and we used descriptive language to write sentences about our interesting creatures!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx