Division, Fairtrade and instruction writing in P2A

In Maths we have been working on division. We know that we might hear the language – divide, share, equally, equal parts. We can share objects into equal groups and write the sum using the division sign.

Here’s a good website for working on division:


On Monday we used the internet to research Victorian toys. We found that most toys were made out of wood as they didn’t have plastic. After that we made a Victorian toy called a thaumatrope. I’m sure the children have shown you their creations! In Literacy we wrote instructions on how to do this. We all put the instructions in the correct order and took our time to present our writing neatly.

On Tuesday we worked on our volleyball skills with Miss Devonshire. We learnt how to do an overhead pass to our partner.

On Wednesday we listened to a talk on Fairtrade. We learned about Fairtrade foods and we tasted our favourite – chocolate! We designed Fairtrade superheroes with Miss Devonshire for the P6’s competition – they were really impressed by our creativity. EN drew fantastic Fairtrade Fruit!

In Phonics we have finished learning all our sounds. This week we have been revising ‘magic e’. We also learned about the ai sound – we know there are 3 ways of spelling it:

ai as in train

a-e as in cake

-ay as in pay

We wrote ai words using the correct spellings. This is tricky as they all sound the same! We know that if the sound is at the end of the word we use -ay.

Next week we will revise our common words and complete a check-up. This will help Mrs Bell see which sounds we need to revise before moving onto the Springfield Spelling Progression.

Wee reminder to send in New Lanark forms if you haven’t done so already. We’re very excited for our trip!

Have a fab weekend,

Love P2A Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x