P4/5 Week commencing 11th February 2019

During PE on Monday we were continuing to learn more about gymnastic balances.

On Tuesday we took part in the sixth workshop provided by NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) where we learned how to read notes and also carried on learning about rhythms and beats. We worked really hard during our music lesson that Tracey, our teacher, gave us a sticker.

This week we continued with our Egyptian topic and investigated world timelines, Ancient Egyptian time line and we created our own timeline. We then went on to look at maps of Egypt and noted important cities and places along the Nile. We also looked at Egyptian people and the social pyramid.

On Wednesday two of our classmates, Ben and Michael, taught a fabulous French lesson about parts of the body and watched a little bit of The Gruffalo in French. We also sang head, shoulders, knees and toes, in French.

In Science we were learning about solids, liquids and gasses. We did some experiments with soluble and insoluble materials using water to be mixed with.

In Maths we continued working on money, and looked at pound and pence. We also did a math problem solve it, talk it, ask it.

In reading we took part in our forth “Literacy Circles” and carried out our different roles. We continued working on our new resource “The Literacy Box”. Miss Fiddes also took a group and we looked at out characters in our book. We were discussing the character traits, personality and how this is shown in our books.

In writing this week we learned how to assess our writing and did a newspaper report on John Logie Baird.

By Mr Ritchie, Miss Fiddes and all the “Tiggerrific” P4/5s.