P7a Weekly Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we have been consolidating our learning of addition and subtraction. We understand the importance of using particular written processes and were able to select those which would be most efficient and save us time. When reading word problems, we have been demonstrating our understanding by identifying which operations and approaches we need to use. We were able to articulate our choices with clarity and explain our reasons for doing so. Mr Logan has been pleased to hear the increased use of mathematical and specialised vocabulary in numeracy lessons. We have a greater knowledge of the words and phrases which can also mean add or subtract, for example, find the total or find the difference.  In mental maths, we have been doing 10-a-day to become more confident in our ability to use a range of strategies and discuss these. On Thursday, we carried out some problem solving exercises with Mrs Newton.

Literacy and English

Our Guided Reading timetable began this week and we have all been given some reading to complete as part of our home learning for next Monday. We are studying fictional texts to develop our reading skills, for example, skimming, scanning, predicting, clarifying and summarising. Alongside this, we shall be using Yammer in class to discuss and analyse these texts in greater detail with members of our reading group. Not only should we be able to answer literal questions, but we should also now be developing our ability to respond to inferential questions by reading between the lines and evaluative questions by offering our own opinion.

In grammar, we have been using the thesaurus to find synonyms, or similar words, before putting these into a contextualised sentence. We were asked to apply this skill when producing a creative and imaginative piece of writing on Wednesday. Mr Logan revealed a stormy picture of Rio de Janeiro as a stimulus on the SMARTBoard and we were tasked with writing a story around this image. We ensured that our writing was presented well, that we incorporated detail through description of both setting and character and that our writing was structured to include a suitable opening, turning point and climax or cliffhanger ending.

Our Literacy Corner and library area in class have been re-organised after deciding on the texts we would be most inclined to pick up and read. So far, none of P7a have managed to solve our Literacy Corner riddle or conundrum. Can anyone help them?

Riddle – What do an island and the letter ‘t’ have in common?

ConundrumU D R S U C I L O

Health and Wellbeing

We have been continuing to complete our Daily Mile as we work hard to increase our lap count, and ultimately our fitness levels. It was lovely on Wednesday to complete this alongside some of our Buddies from P1a.

In basketball we responded to both verbal and visual cues with and without the ball before pairing up for some passing and ball exchange work. We are continuing to practise our two step lay-up in order to get ourselves as close as possible to the net before shooting. During small-sided games, Mr Logan has been encouraged by the teamwork and effective communication shown. It is important that we always demonstrate a sense of fair play and sporting integrity.

With Mrs Begarnie on Tuesday, we created our ‘trusted hands’ (below) which detail the 5 key adults that we would speak to or confide in if ever we were sad, worried, anxious or angry. This ties in with our introduction of the 5 Point Scale across school and we will be making reference to these with class as and when needed. On Thursday we continued to work with Mrs Newton to explore the ways in which we can keep ourselves safe in a variety of dangerous situations.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Finally, a huge congratulations to Sahasra for her inspirational piece of writing which was judged to be the winner of Strangely Maigcal’s Fox and Gazelle Top Trumps competition. You can read her winning entry below in which she discusses the beauty of diversity of the power that kindness from those around you can have. She is also pictured collecting her values certificate at Friday’s assembly for confidence. Well done Sahasra, we’re all so proud and you’re a credit to Springfield Primary School!

Coming Up

  • 11.9.18 – Meet the Teacher – 6.30-7.30pm
  • 14.9.18 – P7a Class Assembly (Resilience) – 10.00-10.30am
  • 17.9.18/18.9.18 – Holiday
  • 10.10.18/11.10.18 – Parents Evenings (appointment info. to follow)
  • 13.10.18 – 22.10.18 – Holiday
  • 25.10.18 – Poppy Factory visit (EE2 forms to follow, parent helpers required)

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll hopefully see you on Tuesday at 6.30pm for Meet the Teacher!

P7a and Mr Logan