P6A Blog 7th September 2018


Hello everybody. Hope all is going well. We have been very busy this week in P6A.

In maths we have been doing rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 and multiplying these numbers as well.

In science we have been learning about different types of energy and we are going to watch an electricity video clip to remind us how dangerous electricity is.

In P.E. we did Bochia and netball. In netball the hoops were very high and one team scored 2 goals.

In literacy we rewrote a story called Palmer and the Mermaid. There was a fisherman and he jumped into the sea to keep the Mermaid happy but it was a trap. He got 3 wishes from the Mermaid and he only got to keep the wishes alive if he kept his promise to join her after 9 years.

Recently we have started to do homework which is writing our spelling words 3 times a week and we get tested on them on Fridays, also we do one spelling task a week. Lastly we have 7 school tasks to do at home that need finished before Friday 5th October.

For music we have been recording ourselves playing a song called Everybody Loves Saturday Night. We were playing lots of different  instruments and some people brought in their instruments from home.

Every week we will keep you posted on what we are doing during school hours, have a great weekend, looking forward to Monday .Mrs McAlpine is hoping to see you all at meet the teacher.

From P6A