P1a Weekly News

What a wonderful second week we had in P1a. We are really settling in and managing well with all the new routines.

Literacy – This week we learnt our first 2 sounds “a” and “t”. We had lots of practice saying, writing, forming and making these letters and sounds.

Numeracy – Our focus this week was on understanding 0, 1 and 2 and what they look like. We explored dot patterns, numbers, written words for the numbers and counting and matching the numbers.

HWB – We continued our focus on our school values and the work we started last week on kindness. On Monday the “Kindness Fairy” wrote to us to say that she would be looking out for acts of kindness throughout the year. Lots of us enjoyed writing a letter to the “Kindness Fairy” and we hope she might reply to us next week…

Resilience – We also did a focus on another of our values – Resilience. We learnt about not giving up when things are tricky and had lots of fun with our P3 Play Buddies trying to build very tall towers, doing tricky jigsaws and making models out of junk. Can you see N’s “Leaning Tower of Pisa”?

Mrs Gordon and P1a