Amazing Arrays

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication. We had to make sure we understood the concept of multiplying before we then learnt our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. An array is an arrangement of objects in rows. We can use these to show different multiplication sums. We practised making arrays using lots of different objects. We also went on an array hunt around school.


A lot of the children have been making wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory models. We have some very talented boys and girls in P2A! Miss Mudd is very proud of you all.



Last week we continued our learning about India. Abhinav’s mum and sister came and spoke to the classes. We asked some wonderful questions and discussed the different photographs. This week we have been learning about Africa and Miss Mudd spoke to us about her time as a teacher in Kenya. She showed us photographs of the schools there and we compared them to our own school. We did some work on comparing a traditional Kenyan village to Linlithgow.


We also learnt all about Fairtrade and the story of how chocolate is made. We will be sharing this in our class assembly. A lot of our time this week has been spent making props and costumes for our assembly next week.

In Phonics we were revising the ir alternative spelling. We also worked on our sentence writing and had to write a sentence based on a picture Miss Mudd put up.


P2A were also doing some Art work inspired by Van Gogh.

Have a lovely weekend.


P2A and Miss Mudd x