P1B Christmas is coming!

In between nativity rehearsals, making salt dough decorations and the Christmas Fair we have managed to do a lot of consolidation work on our sounds and common words this week, keeping a sense of normality before christmas excitement really sets in!  At the beginning of the week we practised using sounds to make words and sentences and towards the end of the week we concentrated on our common words.   The children are really coming on and it is especially apparent in weeks like this how good they are at reading and writing now.  They are also very good at choosing activities that suit them and their learning styles.


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We had our Growth Mindset Family Learning afternoon on Wednesday.  P1 were learing about resilience. We have been listening to stories about resilience – ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’, ‘Winners Never Quit’ and ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’.  There were challenging activities set up around the classroom, and we had to try each activity with these things in mind: keep trying even if it’s a bit tricky, mistakes are ok, ask for help if you need it and work together.

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We have also been working on near doubles in maths as we apply our knowledge of doubles to work out the answers to near doubles sums.  We finished this off by going outside on Thursday to write all our doubles and near doubles in the playground.

112 113 114 115 116 117 118

We also worked on our salt dough decorations this week, getting them ready to sell at the fair- a huge thank you to Mrs Woolsey (parent helper) who came in to take groups of children to make the dough.  They were a huge hit and we completely sold out!

Nativity practise is going great and we’re very excited to perform for you next week – the children have worked really hard, you’re in for a treat!

Have a lovely weekend.  P1B and Mrs Kennedy

P.S. Some of the children were being photographers this week, taking photos of the learning happening in the classroom, when I uploaded the photos I found these 😉 I did hear some chat about needing a selfie stick!

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