A busy start to December in P1A!

We can’t quite believe that it’s December and that Christmas is on it’s way!

We have been working very hard this week to make our salt dough Christmas trees for the Christmas Fair. Mrs Rae (our Parent Helper) helped us to make our trees and then we painted the baubles in class. Miss Harrison put on the red ribbon and we wrote our names on the trees using a special pen! Thank you to everyone that bought our trees!


It was lovely to invite guests into our classroom for the Family Learning Growth Mindset afternoon. We listened to a story called ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’ about a girl who kept on trying and didn’t give up and then we took part in different challenges. Some were quite tricky but we worked hard and kept on trying like the girl in the story.

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This week, we have been using all the sounds we have learned so far to make words. We have also been revising all of our common words. In numeracy, we have been learning different addition facts and looking at doubles and near doubles to 10.

We look forward to performing our nativity, ‘The Innkeeper’s Breakfast’ next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

P1A 🙂

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