P1-3 Daily Challenge

Good morning P1-3! Today’s challenge is to create a boat out of tinfoil.

You will need: tinfoil, scissors, a bowl of water and pennies
1. Use scissors to carefully cut the tinfoil into 2 rectangle shapes.
2. With the first piece of foil, form a boat that can hold pennies and not sink.
3. Predict how many pennies your boat will hold.
4. Place the foil boat in the bowl of water.
5. Place 1 penny at a time in the boat. Keep adding pennies until the boat sinks. Make sure you count them as you go!
6. Use the second piece of foil to make a new boat, based on what you observed from your previous design.
7. Estimate how many pennies the new design will hold.
8. Place the new boat in water, and carefully place 1 penny at a time in the boat until it sinks.