Dandelion Honey

A jar of runny vegan honey made from dandelion flowers


  • 100 g fresh dandelion flowerheads, densely packed
  • 2 slices lemon
  • 350 ml water
  • 300 g organic sugar


1.   Shake or blow the flowers to remove any bugs
2.   Place the water, lemon slices and dandelion flowers in a saucepan
3.   Simmer with a lid on for 15 minutes
4.   Leave this to cool and infuse overnight
5.   The next day, strain out the flowers and lemon by pouring the  liquid through a strainer or muslin cloth. Press down to make sure you get all of that dandelion juice out!
6.   Weigh the liquid, and then weigh out the same amount sugar.
7.   Put the liquid back in the pan and add the sugar. Stir and heat gently at first until the sugar is dissolved. Then bring it up to a gentle boil for approximately 15 minutes.   
8.   Pour into clean sterilised jars and put the lids on while it’s still hot