The Lorax in Primary 5

Today was our Lorax assembly. The main part of our assembly was retelling the story of the Lorax through a drama. We changed the story slightly and had lots of Loraxs and Oncellers to make sure that everyone could have a part. We really enjoyed getting dressed up and acting as different characters from the story. There were lots of different costumes and this helped to bring our drama to life. We also presented some of our learning about how to look after the environment and gave people tips for things that they can do. To finish our assembly we sang ‘The Rattlin’ Bog’ and Mrs. England accompanied us on the guitar. Some of our favourite things about the assembly include: that the Lorax was an eco warrier, the acting, singing the song at the end and all of it!! We were really pleased to hear that P3 said that they thought it was a fantastic assembly.

One Day in January

Well, it has certainly been an eventful week with all of the snow and ice.  The children have been very excited to come in with stories of snowmen and sledging.

This week was definitely more productive with the pupils, and teachers, back in the way of it.  So much new learning as the P1 children are now well settled and ready for a challenge.  Current skills in literacy and numeracy are being developed and new skills are being introduced.  The pupils each have their own learning journey that they will follow which is as it should be.

We are busy preparing for our upcoming assembly where we will share our learning about ‘All Things Scottish’ with the staff and pupils.  It will be exciting for the children to present their first assembly and will be good preparation for our parents’ assembly in the Spring.

For now, we wish you a lovely and safe weekend!