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What an unusual term this has been!! We would like to say thank you to our children and parents for taking part in the home learning activities and sharing your progress with us through photos and videos. These really made us smile. We had lots of fun down on the farm, meeting the sheep, pigs, chickens and cows and exploring vegetables. We have also taken part in Earth Day, Numeracy Day, a mini Olympics topic with sports challenges, spring activities and a mini butterfly topic. We have been very busy indeed! As we look towards next session we sadly have to say goodbye to two of our children as they move onto the next part of their journey at Pinewood, we wish them all the best as they start on this new adventure! Others are returning to Beatlie Nursery and P1 class and we can’t wait to see them again in August! Wishing you all a fantastic summer break. Stay Safe Team Lammermuir

Term 2 – Lammermuir

Harburns Toy Topic

Lewis creating his sun catcher
Antosc loved the sticky glue
Fraser loved exploring the colours
Maher was very good at choosing his colours
Lewis loved playing in the bubbly water
Lewis enjoyed colour sorting the stickle bricks
Fernando and Charlie had great fun rolling the cars down the slope to make paint patterns
we threw the ball to make big splashes in the paint
our finished wall display
Callan at the car wash

Christmas is nearly here. over the last few weeks the children have been preparing for our Christmas fair and the singalong show. We have decorated the room with Christmas decorations and both our Trees as well as making cards for all the other classes round the school. only 7 more school days till the holidays :)

Pirate play in Harburn, all the children had lots of fun over the last 3 weeks exploring all the pirate activities, there was a treasure hunt in the sensory garden, a pirate themed snack and lots of fun pirate activites during free play.