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P4/5 Incredible Sharing the Learning

The children of P4/5 on Friday 7th December waited patiently for the parents, grandparents and family members  to come to P4/5 Sharing the Learning.

First of all the children showed their Scratch program that they had written to help the P3s with their learning.  The P3 games included times table challenges, question and answers and even some French.  The adults also tried to write some code in Scratch, the P4/5s helped the adults with selecting the coding blocks.

After the adults were shown the Scratch programs some went on to play music with the Incredibox program.  Ms Anderson and some of the other adults were seen to be dancing to the tunes.

Some of the children also shared their Global Goals presentation that they did as part of their Minecraft Islands.  There were also boats and shelters that each island had built.  The children explained if their boats had floated or sunk during the experiment.

The children also shared their poems which started with ‘If all the world were’.  The children watch a BBC Authors Live event with a poet Joseph Coelho and created their spider diagram to inspire their writing.  The poems included ones about music, pens, space, technology, sweets and food.

The adults also looked at the learning walls inside and outside the classroom, looking at the artwork, French and STEM homework.

P4/5 had lots of fun sharing their learning and the adults had fun too!  Thank you to the adults for giving us their 2 stars and a wish from their experience.

By P4s from P4/5


Inspired by our Code-a-Pillars we have made Cress-a-Pillars to conduct an experiment about seed germination.  We discussed what we thought a seed would need to grow – soil, water and sunlight.  Our experiment is looking to see if our assumptions are correct.

Cresson has soil and light no water.

Crestiphor has soil and water no light.

Francesca Bobina Petunia has light and water no soil.

Mr Fantastic has everything soil, water and sunlight.

The children have made predictions about what they thought would happen and which Cress-a-pillar will be first to flourish.

World Book Day 🌎 📖

On Thursday 1st March 2018 we will be celebrating World Book Day in School by encouraging all children to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character!

We will also spend this week completing different book related activities in class and holding whole school DEAR times! We’ve also asked the pupils to find and be photographed in  the strangest place to read a book!

Thank you for all your support!

Dunblane Primary Action Team

Everest Man

On Friday 17th November 2017 Nick Talbot came to talk to Dunblane Primary School P4 – P7 pupils. He has cystic fibrosis and he is the first person with cystic fibrosis that has climbed Mount Everest.  He told us how it took 3 times to reach the top because of the bad weather and storms the first two times so he had to come back again and again.

Nick had to train for six months before going.  When he was there he had to eat lots of chocolate so he didn’t lose too much weight.  Nick brought part of harness and bottle to show us some of the equipment he needed.  Nick explained how much hard work it was but it was worth it to tell people about cystic fibrosis and raising money to try to find a cure.

His twitter hash tag is @CF_vs_Everest.

By Chloe and Iona


French Animals

With the help of our French Ambassadors from Dunblane High School we were learning the names of animals in French this morning.

We learned that bird is oiseau, tiger is tigre, shark is requin and horse is cheval.


The Engine Shed

On Tuesday 3rd October P4/5A travelled by train to the Engine Shed in Stirling for our Minecraft Learning Context.  We were met by Jordan who gave us a workshop on the Science of Rock.  We conducted experiments using chocolate digestives to learn about the porosity of rock and looked at thin sections of rock by microscopes and magnifying glasses.

We then used iPads to look at a big map of Scotland.  Using an app we could then select rocks, buildings and even the weather.  We then looked at the history of shelters that people in Scotland have lived in since 8500BC.  We are building our own shelters in class and will use some of our learning to think about the materials we should use.

It was a fantastic learning experience for us all.

Primary 5 Basketball Festival

Following our excellent sessions at our lunch-time basketball club, we took part in the P5 Stirling Basketball Festival at ‘The Peak’.

Two teams were entered and they both did tremendously well; racking up many wins and developing their skills, teamwork and sportsmanship along the way.

This resulted in one of our teams emphatically winning the whole tournament!

Many thanks and well done to all of those involved, the squad members that weren’t selected for the tournament and to all of those who organised the event (Active Stirling). It was a great success in every way and another trophy for the cabinet!