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Blair Drummond Outreach Programme

Primary 5 would like to say a huge thank you to Stuart from Blair Drummond Safari Park who came to visit today.

Stuart delivered a fun filled and informative workshop which covered topics including animal adaptations, animal behaviour, food chains/webs, saving our animals and much more.  We were fascinated when he passed around some items including a real lion skull!

It was also great to hear about the charities Blair Dummond Safari Park support though their ‘Link to the Wild’ projects.

Reading Buddies

The P5 and 6 children had another successful session today reading the final book to the P2’s.  Today’s book was called Eric makes a Splash.

Here are some of the things the Primary 2’s said today –

“I liked the extra noises (expression) that the reading buddies added when they were reading. They made it exciting”. Annie

“I liked how confident the reading buddies were when they read to us.” Ruby

“I laughed at the stories the reading buddies made them funny.” Jack M

“The reading buddies were good at telling the story and acting out the parts.” Elliot.

“The reading buddies were good at reading the books, they were very confident. “Chloe T

“The reading buddies are good readers, they looked like they enjoyed the story too.” Cameron

This is what the Primary 5’s and 6’s said bout being reading buddies

“I liked how all the P2’s listened.”  Sophie

“I liked it because the p2’s showed us that they were enjoying the stories.”  Kevin

“The P2’s were really interested in the stories”  Anna

An Exciting Visitor

Primary 5 were very lucky to receive a visit from Mr David Smith from the Smith Museum this afternoon.

He taught us lots of interesting facts about Wallace and Bruce and also the Smith Museum.  Did you know that the worlds oldest football is kept in the Smith Museum and is said to be worth between £5,000,000 – £10,000,000!

We learned so much about these historical figures and can’t wait to find out more through our learning context over the next few weeks.  We were most excited when David brought out a real sword from 300 years ago (ones from Wallace and Bruce era are too old and because they were made of steel most of them snapped) as well as some leg cuffs which were once used to hold prisoners!

Thank you Mr Smith!

Be a Stamp Saving Superhero!

Did you know that the RSPB collect stamps and turn them into money which they use to save Albatross birds?

Well we didn’t either until two enthusiastic pupils from P5S shared a PowerPoint they created at an assembly a few weeks ago.

The girls were so confident and inspired the pupils and staff at DPS to start collecting their stamps.  There are dontion boxes across the school which the girls take responsibility for and empty every week. So far they have collected over 5000 stamps!!

Fantastic work girls!

P5S At Aberfoyle Forest Lodge

Primary 5S had a fantastic time at Aberfoyle Forest Lodge today! 

The weather was beautiful!  We participated in a number of activities including biodiversity surveys, forest trails and even planted trees as part of a conservation project in the forest!

We have a bus full of very tired but very happy boys & girls!

National Digital Learning Week

Today is the final day of National Digital Learning Week and what a fantastic time we’ve had.  We kicked off the week by creating our own voice overs for a movie trailer.  We were shown the trailer without sound and had to use a range of technology to help us write a script, select and play music and sound clips and record our work.  Miss Spiers was so proud of the end results (unfortunately they’re too big to load onto our blog but we’re working on it!)

On Wednesday our Digital Leaders shared their knowledge of internet safety at assembly and we picked up some new tips about being super SMART online.

On Thursday some of the Digital Leaders visited our class to show us how to create avatars of ourselves and spoke about the important messages from our assembly.

Today was our favourite day.  We got to try out some of our new coding equipment and we got to take a virtual field trip into the Amazon rainforest with a little help from a virtual reality headset.

Phenomenal Personification in P5S!

We have been learning about personification which is a language technique where things are given human-like qualities.

Inspired by our rainforest learning context, we created poems which included personification and Miss Spiers was blown away with some of the fantastic descriptions we used.  We haven’t quite finished yet however we wanted to share some snippets of our work with you.

‘The sun peers its head over the top of the trees and awakens the animals.                                                                                                                                The tigers roar and stretch.  Birds sing and fly.                                                Lions shake and scream to the sounds of the rainforest, like a musical band.’  (Becca)

‘When the sun wakes up the animals waken too and dangerous things can happen!                                                                                                          Warm rain drops from the sky as the clouds cry in despair.’  (David)

‘I am a house, home to things I do now know the name of.  I block out the light and hardly ever does the sun penetrate my shielding arms and make its way to the floor.                                                                                The rain however does.  The drops race and come slamming down onto the ground.  The things inside me wake up.  They rush through the gaps and start to talk as the rainforest comes alive.’ (Erin)

Keep checking our page as we’ll add our finished re-drafts next week.

Have a lovely long weekend 🙂

Cinnamon Eggy Bread

Today we made cinnamon eggy bread (or French toast) in the learning lab and it was delicious!

It was quite a simple recipe but we had to be patient and work in teams whilst our food was cooking.

The eggy bread was so good that most of us ate it in school so didn’t keep any for our parents (ooops!)

If you want to try to make your own cinnamon eggy bread click on the link below to download the recipe we followed.