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Reading Buddies

The P5 and 6 children had another successful session today reading the final book to the P2’s.  Today’s book was called Eric makes a Splash.

Here are some of the things the Primary 2’s said today –

“I liked the extra noises (expression) that the reading buddies added when they were reading. They made it exciting”. Annie

“I liked how confident the reading buddies were when they read to us.” Ruby

“I laughed at the stories the reading buddies made them funny.” Jack M

“The reading buddies were good at telling the story and acting out the parts.” Elliot.

“The reading buddies were good at reading the books, they were very confident. “Chloe T

“The reading buddies are good readers, they looked like they enjoyed the story too.” Cameron

This is what the Primary 5’s and 6’s said bout being reading buddies

“I liked how all the P2’s listened.”  Sophie

“I liked it because the p2’s showed us that they were enjoying the stories.”  Kevin

“The P2’s were really interested in the stories”  Anna

Sclingoshorts update from P6G

Today the children continued to work on the Rwandan story of Meme.

They worked in three different groups. With Rory, the children explored the rhythm of Rwanadan music and used sound equipment to compose different theme tunes for their animation. They then tried summing up the story in the form of a rap.

Miriam’s group used Photoshop to turn hand drawn characters into digital drawings, and with a camera, took photographs of the characters using a green screen.

Finally, Ronan continued to develop the characters’ personalities for the animation. He worked with the children on reading and writing the script, whilst using French dictionaries to find the necessary vocabulary.

World Book Day 🌎 📖

On Thursday 1st March 2018 we will be celebrating World Book Day in School by encouraging all children to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character!

We will also spend this week completing different book related activities in class and holding whole school DEAR times! We’ve also asked the pupils to find and be photographed in  the strangest place to read a book!

Thank you for all your support!

Dunblane Primary Action Team

Sclingoshorts update from P6G

Today’s Sclingoshorts French session began with the game ‘Fetch me a Pumpkin’. This game, along with the others the children have learned, will be included in the website that the children are helping to create!

After the game, the children were given the choice of three groups that they could be part of. After a little compromise, all the children appeared happy with their choice!

Ronan led the first group. This group is working on creating the script and acting. First of all the children had to use French dictionaries to collect all of the vocabulary they would need for their part of the story. They then practised voicing and recording what they thought the characters would sound like!

The second group worked with Miriam. This group will be working on creating the art and visual effects needed for the animation. The children spent time sketching the characters and their surroundings for the part of the story they are to animate. They will then use the programme ‘Stop motion’ to draw, colour and add textures to their drawings.

The final group worked with Rory. This group compiled a list of sound effects that they felt were needed to tell the story and used the website ‘Freesound’ to record and download their sounds.

This was a very busy session. The children all engaged with their tasks well and learned lots whilst having fun!


Today the weather was kind to us and Primary 6G finally made it to the Queen Victoria School. They joined their peers from Newton and St Marys to learn volleyball. The session was led by Jill MacLachlan, our cluster PE specialist. The children were complimented on how quickly they picked up the skills and were able to join their peers in mini games. Everybody had great fun!


At today’s second session of SCLINGOSHOTS we were joined by Naomi, who is a story teller.

She captured the children’s imagination with a story about Rwanda. The country of Rwanda will be the main focus for the children’s work. They will try to make their animations as culturally accurate as possible, as well as getting the opportunity to explore other French speaking countries too.


This term P6G are taking part in a 10 week project called SCLINGOSHOTS. The children will work on animation, film making, and recording with a French focus to bring everything together. They will work with Rory, a sound expert, Miriam, an animator and Ronan who is an actor and French speaker. Hopefully the end result will be a variety of animations, in French, which will be included in a website for children which teaches about the culture as well as the language of France.

Today’s session began with a couple of warm up games – Rubber Chicken and ‘Allez’.

The children then split into 4 groups to explore:

Sound – Rory taught the children how to use microphones
Animation – the children worked with Miriam who introduced the basics of animation using Crazy Talk
French – Ronan worked with the children on their pronunciation and language skills
Research – the children explored an existing website ‘passeport pour la francophonie’ to find out what they liked and what they felt could be improved upon.

We didn’t manage to get all the rotations fitted in this week but we will finish them off next Monday.

It was great fun! Hopefully we will be able to post weekly updates and photos to let you know how we are getting along!

P1/2 J and P6G French Afternoon

We were matching French number words with the correct numeral to 20.

We were reading the French word for different parts of the body and matching it to the correct picture.

We worked with the P6 children from Mrs Galloway’s class to match numbers to 100.

We played a French weather dominoes game.

We tried to speak in French and we had lots of fun.

Curling at The Peak

Today Primary 6G took part in a curling taster session led by Active Stirling at The Peak. The children began with a short warm up session before hitting the ice. Some of the children had been fortunate enough to take part in the sessions last year when they were in Primary 5, but for the rest it was a totally new experience!

As the session progressed the children’s confidence grew as you can see from the photos below. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and we would like to thank Derek, Norman and Elspeth for giving up their time to share their love of the sport with the children.

Debating Workshop

Today all of the Primary 6 children participated in a Debating Workshop run by Mr David Smith, the Education Officer from the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum. The children were given lots of interesting tips on how to participate in a successful debate and then were able to put their newly acquired skills to the test in a short series of debates on a variety of topics.

Several groups of children then debated a variety of current topics, and answered some very challenging questions from their peers!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and are looking forward to developing their debating skills further this term.