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World Book Day 🌎 📖

On Thursday 1st March 2018 we will be celebrating World Book Day in School by encouraging all children to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character!

We will also spend this week completing different book related activities in class and holding whole school DEAR times! We’ve also asked the pupils to find and be photographed in  the strangest place to read a book!

Thank you for all your support!

Dunblane Primary Action Team


P3MG were enjoying the snow this week. We set ourselves a challenge to work in groups of 3 to see who could make the biggest snow ball. We’d forgotten to take out any measuring implements so we had to compare the biggest ones to decide who won.

Day 2, we remembered some string so we were able to measure the height and circumference of some big snowballs.

We also enjoyed some free play in the snow; throwing snowballs, building snowmen and tunnels, and standing under a tree whilst someone shook it to make it snow on us.

Back in the classroom we wrote a poem about snow:

I am

sky swirling

flakes falling

trees rustling

hedgehogs hiding

smiles beaming

shovels scraping

windscreens freezing

feet crunching

cheeks pinking

eyelashes glittering

children shivering

balls flying

gloves patting

fingers freezing

boots squelching


I am snow.




Castle Extravaganza!

P3G/M had a very productive morning on Friday 8th December. We all worked together on an art technology creation for our classroom, Our theme was “The Frozen Castle” and was part of this term’s Context for Learning.  Many thanks to Mrs Phillips who helped us with our work!

We had also been designing and making our own castles at home. On Monday, the children from P4/5 came to see them and were given the task of being our assessors. Thanks to them and to Ms Anderson for all their feedback and their lovely comments!

Roald Dahl Day – 13th September

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl!

Every year on the 13th September people around the country celebrate the life and works of famous children’s author Roald Dahl.

Primary 5S have been doing a novel study on James and the Giant Peach and invited Primary 3G/M along to their classroom to participate in some exciting learning experiences.

Some of the children took part in paired reading.

Others learned about imagery and used their imaginations, along with Roald Dahl’s fantastic writing, to depict James’ horrible aunts Spiker and Sponge.

Some children even explored the use of ICT to create amazing wordles.

Great teamwork Primary 3 & 5!