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New Nursery Hours – August 2020

The Nursery hours being offered to parents is changing in August 2020. We would like to spread to word so that the parents that this will impact on are aware of these changes.
Early Years Nursery Expansion in Dunblane
Do you have a child who will be 3 or 4 years old in August 2020?
The number of hours and length of day that the school nurseries are opening is changing in August 2020.
• The Scottish Government’s vision is to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up, and to give children the best possible start in life.
• The aim is to achieve this through a transformative change in the ELC provision by almost doubling the free entitlement to 1140 hours per year by 2020.
• In August 2020 Dunblane Primary School, Newton Primary School and St. Mary’s Episcopal Primary School Nursery classes will be offering children 1140 hours of free childcare from the Scottish Government.
• Dunblane Primary School and Newton Primary School Nursery classes will be following –Model 2: 25 hrs funding per week, 45.6 weeks a year (Closed 32 days a year).
• Both nurseries will open at 8.00 am to 6.00 pm for 45.6 weeks a year. Parents will have 5 sessions to be used as follows –
Ø 8AM – 1PM (1 session)
Ø 1PM – 6PM (1 session)
Ø 8AM – 6PM (2 sessions)
• St. Mary’s Episcopal will be following Model 3 which is 30 funded hours a week over 38 weeks. Attendance would be 5 full days a week from 9am to 3pm during term time only.
• Children can start nursery the term after their 3rd birthday. We have 3 intakes – August, January and April (after each school term holiday)
• Funded hours can be spread across more than one provider. The providers must all be local authority nurseries or an approved funded provider. This is called a split placement. If you are interested in a place at either of the school nurseries in August 2020 please contact the school and hand in an application form. Forms should be handed into the school office by the end of April for 2020-2021 start. Here is a link with further details.

The Rainforest – P3H

Here are some snapshots of our learning from our ‘Rainforest’ topic.

We have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest and created our own models for our homework project . Our challenge was to use only recyclable and reusable items! What creative and innovative designs – well done to everyone! We enjoyed sharing our models with our classmates and with parents at sharing the learning.

We have also been learning about deforestation! We wrote persuasive  letters to companies using palm oil to share our opinions and persuade them to stop!

We Created our ‘Party in the jungle’ Artwork for the art gallery which we are all very proud of!


Snapshots of our Learning – P3H

Another busy term full of fun and exciting learning in P3H!

Here are just some pictures of what we’ve been getting up to! In maths we have been learning all about fractions!

We enjoyed our whole school ‘This is me’ week. We enjoyed exploring and embracing our differences and learning all about others!