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Digital Learning Week

Last week Dunblane Primary School celebrated Digital Learning Week.   Here is a report from the Roving Reporters about some of the activities that took place.

P4/5 visited other classes in the school to teach them about the things we bought with the Rocket Fund money.

P1-3 played with the Code-a-pillars.

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P6G had a turn of the Raspberry Pi computers.  We played different games like Minecraft, maths games and scratch.  We also played with the Ozbots.  We drew tracks for the ozbots to follow.  We also designed our own avatars.

Related image

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P6T played a game called Tetris on the Raspberry Pi machines.  We baked cookies in the learning lab and learned how to use digital scales to measure out our ingredients.

P4 learned how to code on Scratch.  We also learned about Internet safety and made our own posters to teach others how to stay safe online.

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P5S made digital footprints.  A digital footprint is when a computer saves your online history of every website that you have visited.

P7 made avatars that we can use on social media so that people don’t know what we look like.

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The Digital Leaders presented an assembly to teach the whole school about how to stay safe online.

Roving Reporters Blog

The Roving Reporter’s Citizenship group have written a newspaper for the children in the school.  It will be published soon.  We have now started a blog where we be sharing things that we have been doing in our classes.  The blog is going to be written by the children in the Roving Reporter’s group.  We will try to update it each time we have citizenship groups.

Primary 7 Burn’s Supper

The primary 7 pupils have been working hard on their Burns supper which was showcased to the school on Monday 29th January, pupils say that:

“It was good because some girls were acting some boy’s characters” Luca P6

“It was mmm…. Creative! “Ashley P6

“Rory McDonald who was acting as Andy Murray mmm…. Was really good.” Ella P6


Reported by Angus P7

Everest Man

On Friday 17th November 2017 Nick Talbot came to talk to Dunblane Primary School P4 – P7 pupils. He has cystic fibrosis and he is the first person with cystic fibrosis that has climbed Mount Everest.  He told us how it took 3 times to reach the top because of the bad weather and storms the first two times so he had to come back again and again.

Nick had to train for six months before going.  When he was there he had to eat lots of chocolate so he didn’t lose too much weight.  Nick brought part of harness and bottle to show us some of the equipment he needed.  Nick explained how much hard work it was but it was worth it to tell people about cystic fibrosis and raising money to try to find a cure.

His twitter hash tag is @CF_vs_Everest.

By Chloe and Iona


Planter Harvest

Yesterday P1/2J harvested lots of vegetables from the school planters. There was a great crop of brussel sprouts, onions, spinach and chard. Parents are coming in later today to see what the class have harvested. The children told me:

“I got to pull a vegetable out”
“I had fun”
“I like the potatoes”
“I had fun with my friend”
“I felt joyful”

Mrs Hosking asked the children if they had been to the shop to buy the vegetables as they looked so good.

Report by Chloe P5 Roving Reporter