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Cal Major Paddle Boarder


Today Cal Major, a vet and paddle-boarder, visited our school to tell us about her adventures paddle-boarding around the Isle of Skye. Amazing!

Cal took 12 days to travel around the island. She slept in her tent on the beaches at night. She saw many amazing and beautiful sights on her journey but also some that made her sad. Many of the beaches were covered in plastics.

Cal is passionate about reducing the use of plastics. She told us that the oceans give us half of our oxygen and how important it is to look after them, not just for ourselves, but also to protect marine wildlife.

We thought of lots of ideas for reducing or recycling plastic such as: re-use plastic water bottles or use a metal one; use glasses or pottery cups; re-use plastic bags or use cloth ones; use paper straws; and pick up litter from the beaches.

We really enjoyed Cal’s visit and hope she can come back to see us again.


Impromptu School Trip, involving a Pilot Whale?

A phone call from one of our grandparents led to an impromptu visit to the local Boat Shed near Stonecouple.  A whale had been washed up, dead, onto the shore…

Jan and Pete from Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary had been to visit and were able to confirm it was an older pilot whale.  The reason it died is not yet known.

Yell trip

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The ferry to Yell and a visit into the wheelhouse.

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The Old Haa in Burravoe, Yell.

Fun at the Burravoe school.

Playparks at Burravoe school and Mid Yell…

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Aywick Shop


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West Sandwick beach


Thanks to Brian the bus driver for shuttling us to the Toft ferry, the Old Haa, Burravoe Primary, Mary’s shop in Aywick, Mid Yell playpark, West Sandwick beach, back to the ferry and returning us to school.