Language Development Through Play

Our first “Literacy Development Through Play” session for Under 5 parents was well received and enjoyed by those parents who attended.  Parents and Early Years staff were able to share a Bookbug session (action songs and stories), discuss the importance of early literacy skills development and discuss how the school could support Under 5 groups (and parents at home) in promoting literacy.

On the last Wednesday of each month (during term time), from 9.30-10.30am, we will host a Singalong/ Story/ “Sport” session for Under 5s, with input from Early Years staff.

Literacy bags – one to support North Roe U5 session and another to support Ollaberry U5 session – will be available soon.  We plan that these will include CDs, a CD player, finger puppets, stretchy material, books and more…

Parents are welcome to borrow books from our Early Years library at any time, as well as accessing “book bags”.

Impromptu School Trip, involving a Pilot Whale?

A phone call from one of our grandparents led to an impromptu visit to the local Boat Shed near Stonecouple.  A whale had been washed up, dead, onto the shore…

Jan and Pete from Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary had been to visit and were able to confirm it was an older pilot whale.  The reason it died is not yet known.

STEM event at Mareel, Thursday 20th September

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Mrs O’Neill has been running our science club since we started back after summer.  The work done in class and at the club formed a display which the bairns were able to speak about to judges and visitors.

Anderson High School senior pupils led some chemistry, physics and biology activities and My World of Work let us try programming robots!

Our 2 teams took part in a series of 6 STEM challenges which included

  • designing a plane which would hit the target
  • building a buggy which would scoot across the floor
  • designing and building a bridge across a gap
  • problem solving to unlock a box using a magnet to get the (unnecessary for a diesel engine) sparkplug
  • identifying renewable and harness-able energy
  • following instructions to create a jumping frog

We may not have won any trophies but we had a fantastic day!

STV Children’s Appeal “Cake and a Cuppa” with Sean Batty

Lights! Camera! Action!

Well, not quite….but we did have a visit from Ian (the camera man), Mari (the coordinator), a lass from Logan Air bearing gifts of Tunnock’s Teacakes and Caramel Wafers, and Sean Batty (the STV weatherman!)….all supporting our fundraising efforts for the STV Children’s Appeal.

Cat Duncan saw the advert on Facebook, asking about community groups etc who might be interested in a visit… and given that Disability Shetland are supported by STV Children’s appeal… and that the school hosts a joint Youth Club with them every month…and that some people have a bit of a “thing” for Sean…and it would be a great experience for our pupils… I got in touch with Mari and managed to book us a visit.

Sean was a great sport and did a mock weather report “live to camera” which was posted on STV Appeal’s Facebook page, along with photos from the afternoon.

Thanks as always go to everyone who helped make the event a success…from making the yummy fancies to the clearing up after…we couldn’t have raised the £112 without you!