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Language Development Through Play

Our first “Literacy Development Through Play” session for Under 5 parents was well received and enjoyed by those parents who attended.  Parents and Early Years staff were able to share a Bookbug session (action songs and stories), discuss the importance of early literacy skills development and discuss how the school could support Under 5 groups (and parents at home) in promoting literacy.

On the last Wednesday of each month (during term time), from 9.30-10.30am, we will host a Singalong/ Story/ “Sport” session for Under 5s, with input from Early Years staff.

Literacy bags – one to support North Roe U5 session and another to support Ollaberry U5 session – will be available soon.  We plan that these will include CDs, a CD player, finger puppets, stretchy material, books and more…

Parents are welcome to borrow books from our Early Years library at any time, as well as accessing “book bags”.