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Developing the Young Workforce

We have had lots of very interesting visitors to the school this week.  Claire Herridge and Jolene Johnson came in to speak to the pupils on Monday about what is involved in running a café.  The pupils were able to see the huge range of skills they are learning at school that they will need in the future.

On Thursday Dr Chevonne Angus came into the school to give pupils a description of her work at the NAFC and to tell pupils about the huge variety of courses and careers that the NAFC supports.

P4 – 7 are thinking about all the skills needed for work that they are learning at school and have started folders titled Developing the Young Workforce.

STEM event at Mareel, Thursday 20th September

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Mrs O’Neill has been running our science club since we started back after summer.  The work done in class and at the club formed a display which the bairns were able to speak about to judges and visitors.

Anderson High School senior pupils led some chemistry, physics and biology activities and My World of Work let us try programming robots!

Our 2 teams took part in a series of 6 STEM challenges which included

  • designing a plane which would hit the target
  • building a buggy which would scoot across the floor
  • designing and building a bridge across a gap
  • problem solving to unlock a box using a magnet to get the (unnecessary for a diesel engine) sparkplug
  • identifying renewable and harness-able energy
  • following instructions to create a jumping frog

We may not have won any trophies but we had a fantastic day!