P7’s trip to Michael’s Wood

On the 10th of May  P7 went to Michael’s Wood for the day to help maintain it and clean it up. We had to go on the bus to get there. When we got there we got sorted into jobs.

Learning how to protect new trees.

Some people cleaned up moss and some people were painting wooden posts. Molly painted a a little toy house and Ayla and Emily painted an arch, Emily had to go on Ayla’s back to reach the top of it. Before they started painting Molly, Ayla and Emily swept up and cleaned inside the little toy house and the poly tunnel.

Some people were going round with wheelbarrows and picking up sticks that were on the path and other people were planting trees.

Some people were going round with wheelbarrows and picking up sticks that were on the path and other people were planting trees.

We stopped to have snack, we had it in the poly tunnel and it was warmer than it was outside in there.

We helped to plant new trees.

Ally clearing away moss.

Molly painting the arch.

Emily required help from Ayla to reach the high parts!

We worked again after snack then stopped to have lunch. We were allowed to have it were ever we wanted, some people had it at the teddy bears picnic but some people had it on the swings. After lunch we got to play, some people played hide and seek and some people played with the children’s toys. we finished our jobs and then we had lunch . After lunch we played whole class hide and seek in the woods. It was a really good day and everyone enjoyed it.

By Niamh, Ally and Fearghas

2 thoughts on “P7’s trip to Michael’s Wood”

  1. What a brilliant day this was! You were all so hard working, polite, friendly and helpful. We couldn’t be more proud of you!

    This is the message I received from Ray Ferrie following your visit:
    It has been a pleasure to work with P7 Dunrossness school today. What a bunch of polite, hard working pupils and they definitely deserve recognition towards their John Muir Trust Award. A great help at Michaelswood, thank you all very much

  2. What great work the Dunrossness School did at Michaelswood that day. They really made a difference and Ray and Betty, the owners, were delighted with their achievements. The woodland was looking so nice after they had finished all their tasks. I am sure all the visitors the next day really appreciated how it all looked. Well Done everyone! And can we both say what a really well mannered and friendly bunch of young people come from the Dunrossness School. You are all a credit to your school, your, district, your teachers and your parents,

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