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Spring Holidays

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you are all well  and have been able to enjoy some of the lovely spring sunshine we have had these last few days.  Now the holidays are here you can put your home learning packs aside and enjoy a well earned rest (parents and carers too!)

Stay safe and healthy and I’ll be in contact with some new activities after the holidays!


Mrs Moar checking in

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you and your families are all well and that you are managing to do some work from your home learning pack each day.

Here is something you can try-Topmarks maths website (we have used it in class) 7-11 year olds, mental maths, daily 10-choose your level of difficulty but do try to challenge yourself!

Primary 4/5 Class assembly

Primary 4/5 presented their learning at their class assembly on Friday 14th February. They had been working hard practising and were very enthusiastic and excited for the big day. In spite of a lot of illness in the class throuought the week most managed back for the big event. Thankyou to the children who learned extra words or took on extra duties at the last minute to fill in. We had no shortage of volunteers! It was great to see so many family and friends there to support the children and I think they did an amazing job with their presenting and acting skills. A great big well done to everyone in primary 4/5!

Primary 4/5 cooking dinner!

Last week we prepared, cooked and enjoyed eating our starter course of vegetable soup made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

This week we have enjoyed preparing, cooking and tasting a main course of mince, tatties, cabbage and parsnip, again all from locally sourced ingredients.  As you can see from these bowls everyone enjoyed our taster meal leaving nothing for the leftovers bin!

So watch this space to see what the last group will make for our pudding!

Making soup in primary 4/5

Here are the lovely fresh vegetables we got from Mrs Leslie when we visited the farm. We decided to make some vegetable soup with them. Everyone had a job to do: cleaning, peeling, slicing, chopping, measuring, mixing and washing up. We boiled the beetroot separately. Then we tried our soup and had a taste of the fresh beetroot.  We still have a carrot, cabbage, parsnip, neep and some tatties left to cook something else with!

Primary 4/5 Visit Scholland Farm

Primary 4/5 enjoyed a super visit to Scholland farm on Tuesday 3rd September where they learned about the journey of food from farm to fork.  They learned lots about the work on a farm. They enjoyed seeing:  the combine at work cutting the barley, the animals including a demonstration by Jet the sheepdog  and the machinery .  Mrs Leslie even dug up some lovely fresh vegetables for us to take back to school.

P4-5 Victorian afternoon!

Primary 4-5 enjoyed a super afternoon on Wed 12th June with Izzy Swanson, experiencing what it would have been like in a Victorian classroom!

They really looked the part dressed in their costumes.  Some people didn’t like having to wear dresses and aprons and some thought the children’s clothes were quite itchy and uncomfortable with an awful lot of buttons to do up!

Izzy was a really strict teacher and one or two children were sent to the headteacher to be belted!!! (not really!) No notes in diaries and time off playtime for Victorian children!

They started lessons with a prayer followed by handwriting, grammar and an “object lesson” where the teacher showed the class an object to study carefully and the children were taught a variety of subjects through the object. Then they did some “money” maths involving pennies, halfpennies, farthings, thrupenny bits etc.  They did quite well!  They had a break to do some “Drill” (Victorian style PE) and finished the day by singing a hymn.

Everyone had a good time and it was a great way to learn about Victorian schools.

Drama with Izzy Swanson

Primary 4/5 have been having great fun during drama lessons with Izzy Swanson. In week one they were learning how to use facial expressions, body language, sounds and finally words to communicate feelings and actions in drama. They had to work together safely in teams to create animals and objects. They all demonstrated good team working skills. In week two they were learning more about the jobs Victorian children had to do and present them in drama.  They are all looking forward to the next session!

P4/5 Museum Trip

Primary 4/5 visited the Lerwick museum today , Wed 8th May,  to learn more about life in Victorian times.  We learned what life was like in Shetland at that time for people living in the country and in town.  We saw lots of items that were used including the first telephone in Shetland!  Then we experienced some lessons in a Victorian classroom.  We all had a great morning.