Road safety

Yesterday  we had a visit from a lady called Elaine. She  told us about road safety.  She explained what would happen if we didn’t wear a seat belt.  She brought in a model car and showed us what would happen if we didn’t wear a seatbelt.  She told us if we were riding our   bikes we had to wear a helmet and that we need to have reflectors on our bikes and she also told us that we need to ride on the left side of the road.  We enjoyed the visit.

By Toby and Faith


Visit from Chris Hardwick


We had our photo taken with Chris Hardwick this morning. He came into our class this morning to meet us and tell us about lots of important things.  We found out about his role as a police officer. He also told us about road safety, the country code, looking after our community and Internet safety. We look forward to seeing him again in the school and finding out more!