Seeing Stars!!!!!!!!

On Thursday 18th November Mr Rose brought the Planetarium in to school. We all had a brilliant afternoon learning all about the star constellations and the stories from ancient Greek myths telling how they got their names. It was a great way to get everyone interested in the stars and to go out and look at the night sky!
This is what we thought about it….

I liked seeing the star constellations when they were all joined up so you could really see the pictures clearly-Kathryn

We really liked all the stories-Bella & Liam

I liked when Mr Rose told us about the Dog star-Aiden

I really liked seeing the star constellations joined up and all the stories-Fearne

I liked learning about the Great Bear and the Little Bear-Fiona

The story about Perseus was interesting and amazing-Esther

It made me want to go out and look at the stars that night and I saw the Plough and the planet Mars-Matthew

I knew about one or two constellations and thought the rest was just all lots of stars.  I didn’t realise that there were so many different constellations that you could look for-Ava

We all thought it was an amazing afternoon!!!!