Visit from SSPCA

Today we had a visit from the SSPCA. We were finding out about farm animals, how to look after them, why we look after them and what we get from them. Louise was very impressed by our knowledge! We did learn new things too.

Did you know that goats have rectangular pupils? This helps them to see better in the dark. We also found out that cows have passports and can’t travel without them! Chickens like to have dust baths and pigs make nests!

We got to watch informative videos, answer quizzes and then play a game. Here are some photos of our activities.

img_0330 img_0331 img_0332 img_0333 img_0334 img_0335 img_0336 img_0337 img_0338 img_0339 img_0340 img_0341

Sandwich making

img_0307 img_0311 img_0312 img_0315 img_0313 img_0316 img_0320img_0322 img_0324img_0325 img_0327img_0328 img_0303

As part of our food topic we have been writing simple recipes. Today we made the sandwiches from these recipes. Here are some photos to show the process and then us enjoying the final result.


Food experiment

img_0300 img_0293

Today we began an experiment to see how long it takes for food to go off at room temperature and when it is stored in the fridge.

We put some cheese in containers and have stored one of them at room temperature and the other one in the fridge.

We also took two slices of bread and put each one in a bag. One had been passed around the class and the other hadn’t. We have left them in the same conditions to see which one will go off first and also to see how much “foost” grows on each them, we’ll compare our findings and update our blog to show the results.


Food storage done by co-operative learning

img_0288 img_0289 img_0290 img_0291

As part of their topic, P4 are learning about how to store food safely so as to try and preserve it and no let it go off too quickly.  They have had to be sorting different foods into cupboard storage or fridge storage. It has led to some interesting discussions and they have noticed that people store their food in different ways.  Here are some photos showing them working together. Next week we will conduct experiments into the best ways to store food and find out what happens if we don’t.  We’ll keep you posted!